Walter Fydryck

Born in Chicago

Artist Statement

"As an artist, I am engaged in exploring the collective psyche of the subject. Works that have developed over the last two decades have been deeply rooted in the concept of form and movement. My more mature work seeks to express a contemplative nature. These works have manifested in a compilation of portraits. The focal point of my portraits is their gaze, as in the Egyptian Ka, which establishes a link between our human soul, and our cosmic environment. The evolution of my work has followed a natural progression from the use of anthropomorphic objects in still lifes, to the reality of the human form."

"The simplicity of line and transparency of colored gauche is juxtaposed to the reality of human complexity. Layering of meaning is suggested in the multiple shadows and reflections achieved through the technique of acrylic fusion. The viewer's experience of the painting is developed through their kinetic involvement. The painting's illusionistic depth heightens the viewer's perception of its enigmatic quality."

"After years of chemical experimentation, I have created a transparent fluid medium that when applied with pigment, and brushed on in layers, fuses into a lucite sheet. This sheet is mounted over a rear monochromatic canvas. The painting is the activated by the use of a frontal light source, resulting in shadowed imagery of rich texture, subtle colors, and line."

The artwork of Walter Fydryck is available through our relationship with David Leonardis Gallery.

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