Pauline Kochanski

Born in Chicago, IL


Pauline received her first camera at the age of eight and began photographing everything and everyone as well as making 3-dimensional pictures as gifts for her family. Eventually Pauline received her BA from Columbia College Chicago and an MA from De Paul University. Pauline continues to take and exhibit photographs and is currently beginning to produce short audio pieces based on words and questions asked of friends and strangers. And now she is also knitting.

Pauline teaches photography and shows in galleries in the Chicago area and nationally. Her visual interest lies in the landscape that is missed by the casual viewer.

Artist Statement

In the past I worked with different formats including plastic lens cameras I found in resale stores. I also used the more traditional 35mm SLR cameras. When I received a Rolleiflex camera I found the format that suited my vision. I worked with this camera for many years and found room for a great deal of experimentation using the square format. I now include 35mm DSLR to continue exploring my themes.

My images are straightforward. When I photograph my subjects, museum interiors, people or any of the exterior or interior landscapes, the frame keeps the viewer from seeing what is beyond the fragment I choose. The image catches details that are often missed by a passing glance.

Photography is more than a mirror of what we see; more than a document; it brings a new vision to the viewer.

This artist may be interested in creating commissioned artworks - contact us for details. You can also visit her website at

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476-482: The Artists Hands


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